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Phone: 419-214-0430

Fax: 419-214-0431

  • 932 W.Laskey

           Toledo OH 43612

  • For Mailing: P.O Box 57, Lambertville MI 48144


One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Paul Shryock

    I just want to pass along a compliment on the gentleman who drove the recycling truck in our neighborhood today (Legacy Village in Sylvania Twp). It is a windy day, resulting in the lids from several of the smaller recycling containers being blown off and scattering paper and other items around the yards. I could not help but notice that when the driver emptied the container across the street from my house that he took the time to pick up the items that had blown around their yard and put them into the receptacle on his truck. This was certainly not necessary, but greatly appreciated. He should be commended for caring about what he does and working to help out rather than just getting by.

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